Lady Gaga appears in public for the first time since surgery, supporting the NYC Gay Pride Parade

With the historic Supreme Court ruling earlier this month, the Pride-Parades across the United States have a little bit more to celebrate then usual. Lady Gaga took to the NYC streets to show her support, this was the first time the singer has appeared in public since her surgery.
Lady-Gaga-insertIt’s been two days since the Supreme Court struck down DOMA, and the pop-star appeared after her severe hip surgery had forced her to cancel tour-dates on her ‘Born This Way Ball’ tour. Gaga gave a short speech, the singer is one of the most highly praised and biggest supporters of the LGBT community, saying “fans and friends,” she continued, “It’s my LGTB friends and fans who always said to me, I knew Lady Gaga when,” adding, “Well, look who the star is now,” the crowed instantly erupted in cheering. “Now I get to say that I knew you when.”
The singer also sang “The Star Spangled Banner” while supporting a rainbow-striped gay pride flag in the air.

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