Spartacus Legends gives $5 worth of gold vouchers for early players

The launch of ‘Spartacus Legends’ has been less than exciting. Riddled with bugs, slow load-times, and crippled servers, the game hasn’t been raising any great reviews. Now PSN messages are popping with instructions and free credit.
The terrible launch is heartbreaking because what little I have played of the game I genuinely enjoyed. Now it seems that Ubisoft is getting things in order. A new update for the game has been released and early PSN adopters get $5 credit (50 Gold Coins). I haven’t been able to confirm if Xbox 360 gamers have been getting notifications, but I can say that a PSN message was sent to my press-account, telling me to erase the game, re-download it to correct the bugs and a voucher for $5 was also included. I’ve tested the voucher and everything has worked out.
So check your PSN messages if you downloaded the game at launch, Xbox 360 fans if you have received the same message let me know. We will wait for Ubisoft to confirm until then.

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