Positively Viral: 15 year old develops the Hollow Flashlight, a Thermoelectric device

When we were 15 we were not as nearly clever or intelligent in the workings of Thermoelectric devices as young Andini. The subject of out latest Positively Viral video that is moving about on YouTube.
The video above is from the YouTube account of young ‘Queenie Andini’. The young scientist quickly talks about how she first became interested in what she calles the ‘Hollow Flashlight’ which is a Thermoelectric device submitted to the Google Science Fair. The video walks you through how the device works, and she offers a short demonstration of the flashlight at the end. We highly recommend you watch the video above and you afterwards, you can tell Queenie Andini how great you think the idea is just by visiting her official YouTube page below.
more info: youtube

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