Contrast Looks Amazing; New Screens

E3 2013 was filled with AAA announcements, new console info, and some brilliant new IPs, but there are always those games that fly just under the radar; not enough to get noticed and become the darlings of the show, but also just enough to not disappear completely.
Contrast is one off these games that garnered some second looks. Contrast is an awesome mystery/puzzle game with a look and feel inspired by film noir and cabaret, some interesting new game mechanics, and a story unlike anything you’ve seen so far. Let’s just say there’s a reason why it picked up a number of Best Indie of E3 wins.
Featured in both SCEA and Focus Home Interactive’s booths at E3 2013, hundreds of journalists and other industry professionals from around the world experienced an updated hands-on demo of CONTRAST, discovering the vaudevillian, film noir-inspired world infused by light and shadow play mechanics. Players took on the role of Dawn, an imaginary friend, in the oneiric universe fueled by Didi’s imagination. Didi, an adventurous nine year old is hopeful of reuniting her parents as she uncovers truths and drama in this charming adventure. With stunning visuals complemented with an original jazz-based soundtrack featuring the rich, spell-binding voice of Laura Ellis.”
This is definitely one to keep your eyes on. Check out these screen below!

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