Julianne Moore in talks to play Alma Coin in The Hunger Games MockingJay films

As we get closer to the November release of ‘The Hunger Games: Catching Fire’, more details are coming out about the last two films based on ‘The Hunger Games: MockingJay’.
Julianne-Moore-InsertThere are only two movies left after November’s highly-anticipated sequel ‘Catching Fire’ releases in theaters. The last movies are pulled from the novel written by Suzanne Collins MockingJay. Now it seems that Lionsgate and the director Francis Lawrence are in talks to bring Julianne Moore to play the role of President Alma Coin. If chosen Moore would star in both of the final films, alongside Josh Hutcherson, Liam Hemsworth Philip and Seymour Hoffman. The studio announced plans yesterday that the it will be sending members of the cast to San Diego Comic-Con in July but did not mention which of the cast would be attending.
Also being shown at Comic Con this year will be never-before-seen footage from the upcoming movie. Lionsgate will also be bringing I, Frankenstein to Comic Con, but also stopped short of detailing any exact plans.

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