Sony releases PS3 firmware update 4.46 as a fix from update 4.45

Shortly after releasing the firmware update 4.45 Sony Computer Entertainment had to remove the update due to the interference it caused with some users PS3 consoles. Now a new update has been released, aimed to fix any issues players might be facing.
It’s the patch to fix the patch, the new Firmware update 4.46 for PlayStation 3, was designed to fix any issues that consoles may have experienced after updating to Firmware 4.45. If you were one of those affected by the corrupted update, you can follow the steps below on Sony’s official site to rectify the situation.
Issues that were caused ranged in severity, the most severe were users who could not enter into the XMB screen after booting up their PS3. You can check out the official post below from Sony on tips to fix your system and to get the latest details on what was included in the 4.45 update.
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