Last February on a particularly cold New York City night, Justin Bieber was on Saturday Night Live. Not all of the sketches make it to the live-show, and this is one that did not.
It was so cold that night that NBC and SNL sent warm soup and tea to the tweens waiting in line, a moment that I thought was so magical that it is burned into my memory four-months later. Justin Bieber was both the host and was also the musical guest. NBC released this unreleased sketch called “Song for Daddy” which was only done on the dress rehearsal.
The writers called it, the “greatest train wreck ever.”

In the clip you will see Bill Hader, as a country-western musician and shortly after the sketch starts, a wall started to fall. Hader stayed in category and said, “Ah, the stage almost fell on ya, son. That would’ve sucked.” In the commentary Hader states that Justin was “really scared right there. That’s true fear on Justin Bieber’s face.”