During the 2013 Build Conference in San Francisco, Microsoft let the press go hands-on with the new Windows 8.1. I will be writing up a full preview of the build for you today, but you might want to experience it for yourself.
Windows 8.1 will be a free update for Windows 8 consumers later this year through the Windows Store but you can get a first-hand look at the new features and improvements with the Windows 8.1 Preview.
To get started you will have  to install a small update provided on the Preview page “that enables Windows 8 to offer the Windows 8.1 Preview update through the Windows Store”. After the update is installed, you will need to reboot your PC. When Windows 8.1 is released, this update to the Windows Store will be installed automatically by Windows Update. On the Windows 8.1 Preview page on Windows.com, you can install the Windows 8.1 Preview through the  Windows Store and then follow the onscreen instructions.