In a truly awe-inspiring moment of political debate and discussions, Democrat Sen. Wendy Davis attempted to filibuster a bill that would dramatically change abortion laws in the state of Texas.
Wendy-Stand-With-InsertIt was pure chaos inside the building, while hundreds of protestors screamed outside and millions, and millions, of people watched online sharing the hashtag #StandWithWendy.
What makes the situation so terrible (for both sides) is the ramshackle way that the procedures were carried out. The 50 year-old Senator was allowed to filibuster, she was not allowed to be assisted and had to stand on her own feet with no support for 11 hours, she was not allowed to go to the bathroom, she was warned when she attempted to adjust a back-brace.
Davis herself became a single mother at just 19 years-old, she graduate with honors from Harvard Law School, according to her website
The bill would have banned all abortions after 20 weeks, it also requires that every abortion has to take place int a surgical center. Any doctors who perform an abortion now needs admitting privileges at a hospital within 30 miles. There are few abortion clinic within that restriction. This means that the surgical center requirement alone would shut down 37 of Texas’ 42 abortion clinics that exist today.
Regardless of your stance, there are so few times in America that this many people become involved in something that isn’t a presidential election. Regardless of your beliefs on the subject, I hope that no one discourages people for becoming involved, or to be involved in political debates. Twitter, Vine, Youtube, Facebook and almost every social-media site were all brimming with messages about Texas. Some wanted a change, others against it. The proceedings did shine a light on the filibuster rules in our country, something that many hope will be changed.