Amazon hosts all video-game gold box event, PS3 Bundle leads the way

Many gamers are well aware that Amazon hosts “all video game themed” Gold Box events from time to time. Today is the latest group of video-game offerings that will be featured for the rest of today (Tuesday).
The all-day promotion goes to the ‘PS3 320GB Uncharted 3 Bundle’ which is $50 off for the rest of the day, or until the reserved stock is sold. The rest of the lightning round offers will come and go as the day pushes on, offering customers a chance to save on a select few titles. Coming up today you can expect to save a lot of money on recently released titles, peripherals and other video-game themed gadgets and titles.
You can check out the official promotions page below to see what sales are currently being offered, as well as get a few hints on what will be on sale over the next few hours.
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