Madden NFL 25 Playbook – Madden Share

if the next generation of consoles proves anything, it’s that we will be waaaaaay more connected to each other than we ever thought possible. Each new console will have a variety of sharing and connectivity options to make your social life that much better via your console.
EA Sports clearly sees the importance of a connected gaming ecosystem, because the new Playbook presents: Madden Share. Madden Share will provide players with a way to download an share rosters, playbooks, custom gameplay sliders and more.
Madden Share also allows users to rate content, elevating the best of the best to a front-and-center position. Also, regularly updated featured content will showcase not only the best offerings from the community, but also exclusive goodies from the Madden NFL 25 development team and their partners. Best of all, everything in Madden Share is absolutely free. A blog with full details of Madden Share can be found here.”
Madden NFL 25 will be available on Xbox 360 and PS3 on August 27th, 2013, and also for next-gen PS3 and Xbox One console upon launch.

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