Just a few days after opening up ‘Downton Abbey’ season three to viewers, Amazon has updated its mobile application to make things a little easier for customers to find their favorite shows or movies, or to find new content.
Amazon states that it has made it “faster and easier to find the videos you want to watch,” by adding a dropdown menu on the homescreen. This will also allow you to find movie and TV collections that are available to you musch faster than it was before.
There are also changes to how Amazon suggest content in the “personalized carousels” on the homescreen. There is also a new navigation bar to help you find the content that you are looking for faster than before. Amazon Instant Video comes with free content, including free TV shows, movies, Kindle books and more. The service is part of Amazon Prime, which offers customers a wide-array of popular benefits, as well as free two-day shipping on the majority of items sold through Amazon.
You can check out the official listings for Amazon Prime, you can even start your own free-trial of the service, by checking out the official product page below. The application is available through iOS and the update should Android as well.
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