AOL Reader to step in as Google Reader ends

An unlikely hero by any means, just as RSS users stand on the abyss of Google Reader shutting down, all of them making their final plans to move to a new service, AOL shines like a beacon in the night.
Google Reader is shutting down in July, in a move that has had tech-sites talking about possible replacements fo the last few months. Just as we were about to name the winner of the RSS throne, AOL opens a beta program for its own RSS service. The AOL Reader site is already live, asking people to enter their privat codes, or allowing users to request invites.
The company states, “all your favorite websites in one place.” No one seems to know how the product will work yet, we expect it will be almost identical with Google Reader, allowing aOL advertising on the service. RSS users have until July 1, 2013 to find a replacement. Mac Reeder, Digg Reader and countless others have appeared in the looming closure but AOL is the biggest brand to stake a claim.

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