Simplicity is the golden rule of applications at the moment, and a new application called Morning takes all of the information you may need to start your day and puts it right on your screen.
With a beautiful, customizable-layout you can get today’s weather, your to-do list, all of your calendars and the events of that day, your commute time, stocks, website updates and more. The application is having a launch sale of $2.99 (we don’t know what it will be after that) but it truly is one of the best applications of its kind that we have seen on the market. There are a ton of customizable features and the panels work like Windows 8 Live tiles and are movable and scalable.

  • • Weather – Can’t decide what to wear? See what today looks like.
  • • Reminders – Keep track of your tasks for the day.
  • • Commute – Want to know what the traffic is like? Get an estimated time for your commute.
  • • News – Stay up to date with the newest articles
  • • Calendar – Check out what’s coming up today.
  • • Stocks – Keep tabs on your favorite stocks.
  • • Countdown – Now you’ll never miss an important event.
  • • Date/Time – Don’t lose track of time again.

As the application states, “Customize each panel to your needs. Want weather for Paris, but you’re in Michigan? 24 hour time? Morning lets you keep track of what you want.”
It really is fantastic and you can check out some of the setups, colors and choices that it offers as well. You can check out the application on the official app store below. The developers are also hard at work bringing new features and customizable options to the application.
more info: iTunes