A new film from Lionsgate hopes to capitalize on the fear of the home-invasion genre, the new project promises to bring “drama, and bone-chilling realism to one of life’s most universal fears”. The story follows an upper-class family, the Davisons, who are as rich as they are estranged. In an earnest attempt to bring everyone back together, Aubrey and Paul Davison decide to celebrate their wedding anniversary by inviting their four children and their significant others to a family reunion at their remote and slightly rundown weekend estate.
The Davisons will have to put aside their petty sibling rivalries, when their home comes under siege by a mask-wearing team of crossbow-bearing assailants. The family has no idea who’s attacking them, why they’re under attack, or if the attackers are inside or outside the cavernous, creaking house. All they know for certain is that nobody is safe.

The film stars Sharni Vinson, Nicholas Tucci, Wendy Glenn, AJ Bowen, Joe Swanberg, Margaret Laney, Amy Seimetz, Ti West and Rob Moran. Also featured in the film is Barbara Crampton (Re-Animator), who returns for to the big screen for the first time in seven years as matriarch Aubrey Davison. The film reunites the team behind serial-killer thriller A Horrible Way to Die, including director/editor Adam Wingard and writer/producer Simon Barrett. Lionsgate and Snoot Entertainment present in association with HanWay Films. The film will come out August 23, 2013.