Sasha-Pieterse-InsertOne of the stars of ABC’s hit series ‘Pretty Little Liars’ is breaking out into an upcoming role with Joaquin Phoenix in the upcoming film ‘Inherent Vice’.
Sasha Pieterse (shown on the right) has signed on to be one of the many stars of the upcoming Paul Thomas Anderson’s film “Inherent Vice,” which is already set to star Joaquin Phoenix. Reese Witherspoon will be rejoining Joaquin Phoenix (the two starred in ‘Walk the Line’ together) and Josh Brolin and Owen Wilson are set to appear in the film as well.
The film will be written and directed by Anderson with Warner Bros. on board to financing and distributing the film. The project is based on the 2009 Thomas Pynchon detective story set in 1960s Los Angeles following a detective Larry “Doc” Sportello while investigating the case of a kidnapped young girl.