Far Cry 3 and a Square Enix Bundle both for $19 appear on Amazon

While the gaming world is still excited about Microsoft’s decision to drop their used game and DRM requirements, there are a few deals on Amazon that just poped-up on the online retailer.
For a limited time customers can pick up Ubisoft’s hit FPS ‘Far Cry 3’ for only $19.99 for either the PC, PS3 or the PC edition. Also on the list is Square Enix’s Tomb Raider reboot for only $29.99, that is for the PS3 and Xbox 360 version. Also from Square Enix is a tremendous bundle option for the fan of the digital download. That bundle will get you Hitman: Absolution the Professional Edition, Just Cause 2, the Just Cause 2 expansion pack and Deus Ex: Human Revolution all for just $19.99 which Amazon calculates to be 87% off the MSRP.
The sale is only for a limited time and while supplies last. You can checkout the availability and the pricing that is available on those deals and others on the official promotion page for each of the sales below.
more info: amazon 1, amazon 2

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