MMO The War Z changes its name to Infestation: Survivor Stories, though a little late

We aren’t sure exactly what prompted this late move, whether the game-studio was hoping that the ‘World War Z’ would give it a PR boost as it advertised for several months and eventually failed to do so. Or if a legal hammer finally came down, but the MMO ‘The War Z’ has changed its name to ‘Infestation: Survivor Stories’.
The official statement says, “This change has come about primarily as a result of some confusion and trademark issues with a similarly titled property,” that’s what the Hammerpoint community manager wrote on the game’s forum page today. Since you can’t change Facebook names, The War Z’s official Facebook page was deleted, but strangely so was the Twitter page, which could have been changed.
Obviously ‘World War Z’, the film based on the Max Brooks’ novel, is the confusion here but this confusion has been going on for months now. With the record that this company has had with this game, and the entire STEAM debacle, this might just be the final nail in this game’s coffin. A death we don’t think it will rise from.

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