The PS4 is garnering a lot of attention since it was fully explored at E3 2013, but fans still want to know more about just what the PS4 can do. Sony has been putting out a few videos that show the console in action, the latest is about the UI and social-media.
In the PS4 video from Sony, the video highlights a very interesting feature. While playing ‘Killzone: Shadow Fall’ you can choose to download the single or the multiplayer portion of the game, which could lead to publishers dividing the cost and making it cheaper if you only prefer one version, or to save room after you beat the game.
There are a lot of social elements scattered throughout the video, like talking to friends and getting games and being social (/shiver). The almost instant and seamless way the player switches from the PS Store, watching videos and playing games is something we hope works just as well in rea-life as it does on the video. The PS4 also seems to be selling remarkably well. GameStop has run out of Xbox One Units for launch day at the time being, but the PS4 sold through the PS4 launch day option on Amazon in about two days. Luckily there are new bundles to choose from to allow players to stock up.