Selma Blair will not be returning to ‘Anger Management’

Although it was rumored, and expected by many, it is now official that actor Selma Blair will not be returning to the series ‘Anger Management’.
Selma-Blair-InsertThere was no official word on the exact cause of the departure, Lionsgate and FX ONLY issued a short statement earlier this afternoon (Tuesday) to confirm the news. The studio stated, “we wish her the very best.” This all comes after several reports over the past few weeks from TMZ that headliner Charlie Sheen was the one that had enough of Blair. According to TMZ Sheen had told the show’s producers that would leave the series if Blair didn’t.
On the show Blair played Dr. Kate Wales, Charlie’s therapist on the program. It is unclear if that character will simply be removed or if another actor will just swoop in to start treatment.

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