One does not sit on the throne of YouTube for long, even the unstoppable Justin Bieber can be usurped between the lull moments of a tour or while he is between singles. It was on Tuesday morning, when most of the Bieber fans were asleep, that Rihanna became the most-viewed artist on YouTube.
The songstress has 77 video on her official VEVO channel, add up all of those views and it equals 3.784 billion views as a combined total. That passed Bieber by about 2 million, even though Bieber has two extra videos at 79. So what makes the difference between two already established and beloved artists? It comes down to the people that hit the subscribe button Rihanna has 8.73 million subscribers, beating out Bieber’s 4.9 million. In the end, more people are alerted to each of Rhianna’s uploads.
Bieber is still the king on Twitter though, he was the first person to pass 40 million followers and beat out the once mighty Lady Gaga to take the bird-crown. Though if you go to Facebook Bieber has 54.3 million ‘likes’ and Rihanna’s has 72.3 million, showing that while Bieber fans love Twitter, they are less likely to follow him to other platforms as some of the other artists.