Justin Theroux and Liv Tyler set to star in HBO pilot ‘The Leftovers’

HBO is gearing up for a new series, the new drama is called ‘The Leftovers’ and it will star Liv Tyler and Justin Theroux and is being directed by Peter Berg.
Liv-Tyler-InsertIt’s a very unique storyline and unlike anything HBO is currently offering. Written by Damon Lindelof and Tom Perrott, the drama is based on Perrotta’s own book about the Rapture. The story picks up after the Rapture (an event that some Christians believe happens when the chosen are assumed into heaven before the end of the world, while the unworthy are left to suffer the apocalypse). It’s based on the Rapture but it’s not an exact telling of the biblical version. The story will follow those of us that weren’t plucked up into heaven including Tyler.
Tyler herself plays Meg, who was preparing to be married, though begrudgingly, and is chosen by a cult to be a new member. Things go south from there. More details, trailers, and an expected release window will be released as the project moves along.

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