There is about to a wave of excitement like we haven’t felt for sci-fi fans in a very long time, The creative director for Irrational Games and the creator of the Bioshock franchise, Ken Levine, is teaming up with Warner Bros. to write the Logan’s Run script.
It has been confirmed that Warner Bros. will allow Ken Levine to write the screenplay for the remake of the 1976 classic science fiction film. Levine was a screenwriter before gaming took over his career, Now he will have the chance to create something just as terrific as he has for video-games, on the silver-screen.
Deadline was the first to break the news. The original movie was based on the 1967 book by William F. Nolan and George Clayton John (link below), about a dystopian society in 2116. At the age of 21 everyone is killed to keep the world healthy, young and controlled. In 1976 Michael Anderson directed the first film, which featured Michael York as Logan 5. Levine will of course stay as creative director and co-founder of Irrational Games.
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