Let everyone chip in with Amazon group gift cards Facebook integration

Being in charge of collecting money for group gifts is usually a nightmare, having to go get cash or remembering where you put your paper-checks is also a chore. Amazon has always had a “group gift-card” function on their site, but now with the integration of Facebook, it’s easier than ever.
All you have to do is connect Amazon with your Facebook account, when you do it will automatically keep track of birthdays and special occasions to make your like even easier. Then you go to amazon.com/birthdaygift (link below) you pick the (friend, coworker, relative) from your list of friends on Facebook and then you can privately invite everyone that will be included in the giftcard purchase to a temporary group so they can contribute to the gift-card.
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The contributions can be as little as $1 or up to $25, so it’s the perfect way to get everyone together on a project. They can invite their friends as well, so you don’t have to be friends with everyone that needs to be involved (just a friend of a friend at the least). It has to be easiest way to go in on a group gift there is. All the billing is done on Amazon’s secure servers and of course none of the billing info is shared in the temporary group. You can check out the new features below.
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