Genius offers PC and PS3 Arcade Stick option with F-1000 series

Genius has introduced the new F-1000 Arcade Stick, a new peripheral that works with PCs and the PS3. The new controls offer gamers a chance to get “professional level arcade-control of the latest games to gamers in their living room” according to the developer.
With ‘Injsutice: Gods Among Us’ and titles like ‘Skullgirls’ popping up on consoles and PCs, an Arcade Stick is quickly becoming mandatory if you want to get anywhere. The games are developed with Arcade Sticks in mind and luckily there are some great options that won’t break your bank.
Genius now offers an arcade-style 8-button layout, and 4-axis ball-handled joystick with the F-1000 Arcade Stick. Promising “more precise control that an arcade layout provides – helping them take their gaming to the next level”. Aside from the standard start/select buttons, the F-1000 boasts 13 buttons in total, including a Turbo button. 12 of the buttons correspond to buttons on a standard Playstation 3 controller, and have markings showing which button they correspond to. This makes the F-1000 an excellent option for gamers who want to make the transition from a standard Playstation 3 controller to an arcade stick.
The device weighs-in at a solid 1.866 kilograms, the F-1000 comes equipped with a durable metal base and comes with a 3 meter USB cable as well as a 1 meter extension cable. Now available in the US and Canada for the suggested retail price of US$59.99.
more info: genius, amazon

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