Kanye West offers Yeezus album early, to fight leaked piracy we assume

A few days ago we reported that all 10 tracks from Kanye West’s new album “Yeezus” were leaked to almost every bit torrent site available. Now the rapper has put the album up for sale on his website, most likely to offer people the chance to pay for it rather than download it illegally.
The album was set to launch on June 18, 2013 and we are assuming this was just an anti-piracy measure but it could be just a premature launch from the website. The album can be purchased through KanyeWest.com $11.99.
This time around there were no pre-order options on iTunes, which could save you money in the long-run if you are an artist but it also helps lock in sales if the album is leaked. The American Psycho “homage?” is on the site as well, featuring Scott Disick from the show Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

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After the video a “Download” link appears and you can purchase the album.
more info: kanyewest

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