If you have a few questions that you would like to ask the producer of the horror films ‘The Purge,’ ‘Insidious Chapter 2,’ ‘Paranormal Activity’ then you might want to set a reminder for tomorrow.
The team behind the upcoming horror-sequel have confirmed with us that the producer of the film, Jason Blum will be doing a live Reddit AMA starting tomorrow morning. The link to the AMA section is below, if you want to write down the time of the Q&A the company states, “Join us tomorrow for a Reddit AMA with INSIDIOUS: CHAPTER 2 Producer Jason Blum (The Purge, Paranormal Activity) at 11:30AM EST/ 8:30AM PST.” A little early in the morning to be thinking about demons but if you are able to connect to the internet, then you can join on the social-site. You can bookmark the link below and set a reminder and jot down some questions for tomorrow, maybe you will even get yours answered.
If you want to see more of the upcoming film, we added an entire gallery for you took at on Facebook.
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