You can’t please everyone when moving from one generation of consoles to the next, but Microsoft has a few tricks that it didn’t have time to show off at E3 2013.
Just like the PS4, the newly revamped Xbox One won’t be able to run old Xbox 360 games but it’s not imposible for gamers to play them. In a recent interview for the Reddit Games YouTube channel, Xbox Live director of programming Larry Hryb (Major Nelson) said that the Xbox One’s compatibility with former Xbox 360 titles is an important subject for gamers and Microsoft. The Xbox One has an HDMI plug-in feature, and users can “absolutely” attach the two consoles together to use one easy solution setup. The reason for the Xbox One’s HDMI functionality was designed to make the Xbox One a ‘center’ for all your entertainment needs. You would hook up a cable-box or set-top box and let the Xbox One control all of your media needs, as you used the console. That being said, if you want to use the Xbox One’s HDMI port for Xbox 360 or a Windows 8 PC that is possible too and third party developers may think of some terrific apps that will allow users to do even more further down the road.
Microsoft is still cleaning up the questions after the company spent weeks not answering backwards compatibility and used-game related questions moving into E3 2013. The Xbox 360 games can’t be played directly on the Xbox One, but that should be understandable when a company moves ahead with updated hardware, this is an awkward solution but one that still works.
The Xbox One is still available for pre-order, so you can get it before the holidays. As time moves on from E3 2013 it appears that Microsoft is finally coming around to answering the hard questions and easing people’s worries. You can check out availability, pricing, product shots and the launch-title lineup on sites like Amazon below.
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