PS4 pre-orders surpass expectation, CEO says “Demand may well outstrip supply”

You can say that Sony had a very successful E3 2013, so successful that the company is upping its targeted sales goals for the PS4 console.
PS4-Hardware-InsertAccording to reports, Sony has raised the internal sales projections for the new PlayStation 4 console following early pre-order reports and the warm reception the console has received from press an consumers. The Wall Street Journal reported that Sony Computer Entertainment CEO Andrew House admitted to raising the figures, but would not go as far to detail the exact sales figures that are available. The CEO did have a feeling that the console may sellout at launch stating, “Demand may well outstrip supply,” said House.
The obvious boost in confidence comes directly from the PS4 making it a point to go after Microsoft’s strange Xbox One used-game policy, telling everyone that the PS4 would have no restrictions on used games. That coupled with the PS4 launching at $399 and the Xbox One launching at $499 makes the deal even better for consumers.
The first “launch bundle” for the PS4 did sellout quickly on sites like Amazon. In order to meet supply, Amazon has added new launch bundles that come with certain launch titles included. You can checkout those new bundles below on the retailer’s official site.
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