Valve confirms that Dota 2 will launch out of beta this summer

Dota 2 has undergone one of the most intensive beta-periods that a game could accomplish. Now the beta period is set to expire and a full version of the popular title will be released over the next few weeks.
In the July 2013 of PC Gamer, Valve Software has made it clear that it will be releasing a full version of the hit title Dota 2 starting this summer. The new version will be available before the International 3 tournament, as reported in the PC Gamer issue and confirmed by ValveTime. That time frame, for The International 3, is set to happen from August 7-11 in Seattle meaning the new version will be out before summer’s end.
The new game, Dota 2, was first announced by Valve back at Gamescom 2011. At the time Valve had already been working on it for two-years and now two-years later the game is almost ready to launch. Valve Software has always had an amazing history of quality, and popular, titles. Although Dota 2 is a free-to-play title, there is a $29.99 version that will give you Early Access via Steam.
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