Valve’s digital distribution site continue its tradition of offering large discounts on popular titles. For a limited time you can pick up the hit indie-title ‘Antichamber’ for 50% off.
The sale is going on for the rest of Father’s Day (Sunday). Interested parties can pick up Antichamber, developed by Alexander Bruce, for only $10 on Steam. Also available is the title’s soundtrack, which you can pick up via BandCamp for $6, and the four-track “Meditation Walk” by Antichamber Sound Designer Robin Arnott for only $4.
The developers call the game “a mind-bending psychological exploration game where nothing can be taken for granted” and that’s probably the best description one could create for the unique game. The strange hallways and constantly changing levels are a mystery that only you can solve. You can pick up the game via Steam below, or check out the screenshots and videos that it offers for a closer look.
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