It seems nothing can stop the ‘Man of the Steel’ this Father’s Day weekend, with the $225 million franchise reboot from Warner Bros. flying to the top of the box-office charts.
The new superhero film will take the record as the biggest June opening weekend ever with $125.1 million, beating out ‘Toy Story 3’ which had a $110.3 million weekend in 2010. It didn’t break all the records however, ‘Man of Steel’ had the second best debut of 2013, trailing ‘Iron Man 3’. That film had a $174.1 million debut in May 2013. Opening at 4,207 locations, the film earned each theater an average of almost $30,000 each.
The superhero trend continues to succeed in IMAX theaters, ‘Man of Steel’ earned $13.3 million in those theaters with 41% of ticket sales were towards 3D theaters. So how did it stack up against previous Superman movies of late? ‘Superman Returns’ (2006) opened with $52.5 million and earned $200 million domestically, making this ‘Man of Steel’ the one to beat.