One of the more rare gaming deals came across desk this morning, Groupon is selling the Sega Genesis Classic Console bundle for $39 for a very limited time. If you ever wanted to pick up the console and add it to your own classic gaming collection, now is your chance.
Sega-Genesis-Bundle-The console comes with two wireless controllers, and 40 16-bit Sega Genesis classics that are built into the system, the console will of course play any of the classic Sega Genesis cartridges that you may have, or plan to have. It’s not everyday that you see a brand new, revamped version of the console pop-up on such advertising sites, though the console is generally available on sies like eBay year-round. Now you can get a brand-new console with the above mentioned goodies for about the price of a pair of jeans. You can check out the official listing on Groupons site below, the promotion os only for a limited time and with a limited quantity.
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