Amazon adds new PS4 bundles to pre-order, will be arrive on launch day

The PS4 “launch edition bundles” were the PS4s that would be shipped and ready for consumers on launch day. The standard edition bundle would arrive before December 31, 2013. Since many people need a PS4 as a holiday gift, and to own one on launch day, Amazon has added several new bundles to choose from that will be ready on the big day in November.
PS4-Hardware-InsertNow the first set of these bundles sold out in less three days, so if you need one at launch, or need one for this holiday season, we suggest you don’t wait too long to pre-order. There are four new bundles to choose from now, “The Knack Bundle” and “The Watch Dogs Bundle” are $460, the “Battlefield 4 Bundle” and “The Killzone Bundle” also come with one year of PlayStation Plus for $500.
There is nothing more satisfying in the gaming world than getting a new console at launch, it’s just a magical event that everyone should experience. You can check out all the editions, and check on pricing and availability by visiting the official product page on Amazon below.
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