Not even three days and Amazon sells out PS4 Launch Edition

In what may be a sign of things to come this Holiday 2013 season, The PS4 “Launch Bundles” that were put in place to be delivered in November are already out of stock on Amazon, leading many to wonder how hard picking up a PS4 may be before the holiday shopping season really gets underway.
PS4-Hardware-InsertIt took two-and-a-half days for Amazon to sell out of the PS4 Launch Bundle, which is the same as the other “Standard Bundle” listed on the site, only shipping on launch day. That launch day isn’t even named yet, but Sony said before Holiday and in November. Customers can still pre-order a “Standard Bundle” that edition will ship by December 31, 2013 but who knows how long they will last in stock or if supply will drop off closer to the holiday.
Amazon was one of the first online retailers to offer the bundle, which was priced $100 cheaper than the Xbox One and considered by many to have won over all of E3 with its cheaper price, and DRM free policy on used-games. This is also $100 cheaper than the PS3, which hit the retail market at $499 in November 2006. Before tablets and cheaper laptops this $499 price-tag was a heavy toll for consumers to take back then, now the $399 model seems to be much more popular.
Other retailers are taking orders for launch day, like Best Buy and GameStop but many customers love shipping with Amazon because of Amazon Prime, the relaxed return policy and the guaranteed shipping that the retailer uses. GameStop has bundled their PS4 consoles with games, making them more of an upfront cost, where Amazon sells just the console option. Of course children and adults that get a card saying a PS4 is on its way in just 5 days is still one of the best presents you could receive on Christmas morning. Reserving one now for December 31, 2013 and not taking a gamble on finding one near the holidays is probably the safest best.
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