Revenge star Emily VanCamp and Michael Nyqvist to star in indie film The Girl in the Book

Reports are confirmed that the star of ABC’s hit series ‘Revenge’, Emily VanCamp, will star alongside Michael Nyqvist in a new indie-drama centered around the daughter of a literary agent and a popular author.
Emily-VanCamp-InsertAs mentioned before Vancamp already has a thriving television career thanks to her starring role in the drama-series ‘Revenge’, she is now ready to broaden her film career with a new project written and directed by Marya Cohn. This marks the first film that Cohn will be directing.
In the film VanCamp’s character will be confronting the decisions and loss she has faced in her lifetime, all while working on the re-release of a best-novel, a novel written by one of her father’s star clients. The story is about adversity, personal doubt, anguish and redemption. Nyqvist will co-star as the author of the book that she assisting on.
Produced by Varient Pictures and Busted Buggy Entertainment, the film will be shot right here in New York City. VanCamp will also star in the upcoming Marvel film ‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier’ releasing in April 2014.

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