Google improves Google+ on Android, iOS and Web, streamlines notifications

Google continues to improve its new social-network ‘Google’. A new update layout for the Android OS and new features to the web application improve functionality while minimizing clutter.
Google-Plus-Update-InsertGoogle employee Vic Gundotra, used Google+ itself to introduce the new update. The real changes in the update are to the notifications that users receive. Gundotra stated that the new system is “much easier to use across mobile and desktop.” One of these new systems is a new icon indicating when fresh content is available for users.
A new UI tray was also made available, this lets you know when there is read, and unread, updates in your feed. If you are an Android user, you can now delete pics straight from your photo-library. If you haven’t received the update yet don’t worry, the full release is being spread-out over the next few days.
To read the update, to the updates, for yourself you can head over to the official posting on Google+ below. You can also get all of our news on Google+ with nice pretty pictures when they are published.
more info: google+. google+/theslanted

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