Take a look at the new PS4 UI, with a first look at the menus and features

If you are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the new Sony PS4 as much as we are, then you probably would like to see as much of it running as possible.
There is a new video floating around, showing mostly what has been demoed here at E3, with the new UI for the PS4 center-stage. There is a lot more social interactivity with the new system, something that Sony alluded to during the initial PS4 reveal back in May. As you can see in the video above, friends can easily share, locate and join each other in games. In the video the games used are Killzone Shadow Fall and Knack.
Other facets of the PS4 being shown are the new shopping interface, which is much faster than the PS3 currently offers, there is also texting each other using the UI, and downloading games from a mobile device so you can play it when you are home. Now you can read a review online, here that your friend bought it, buy it before you leave your lunch break and play it as soon as it get home.
The PS4 seems to be off to a terrific start, with several retailers selling out of the launch version of the console. Amazon being one of them, thought the retailer does seem to have plenty of the standard $399 PS4 bundle, which oddly enough seems to be the most desired option out of everyone we talked to who was buying one.

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