In times of a National Security crisis, Americans turn to George Orwell’s 1984

With the Senate floor discussing the possible overreach of the NSA and popular internet databases, one book is flying off the shelves, George Orwell’s classic title ‘1984’.
Whether it’s schoolteachers taking a moment to compare modern-day political dealings with a classic novel, or readers brushing up with the warnings put in place by Orwell in 1948, the book is flying off the shelves at popular online retailers like Amazon and Barnes and Noble. The book itself rose 5000% in just one-day, that’s all it took for the single-book to become one of Amazon’s most popular “movers and shakers” list of titles.
Assuming 5000% percent is a large number for an already popular book, a 5000% increase over a book that has been on the market for 65 years, may not be the amazing sales increase that you might initially suspect. Either way it does put a pulse on the current consumer trend. We do hope that it is schoolteachers taking in a moment to make kids appreciate one of the most harrowing prophecies of a future society.
It could be the perfect time for you yourself to reread the classic, which is now on sale because of the giant increase in popularity. It also comes in a dozen or so editions, from the paperback, to the anniversary, to the digital. You can check out the current editions and grab one for yourself below.
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