Contrast is highly visual, incredibly alluring game for the PS Vita

Last month we shared the first screenshots of the upcoming Compulsion Games’ title ‘Contrast’. Now we have the chance to share with you the video for the game.
The video was released by Guillaume Provost of Compulsion Games, who shared some insight and talked about the new game recently on the Playstation blog. I’ve been interested in the game from the start, from the dark Film Noir setting, to the amazing platforming and puzzle solving that revolves around the silhouette mechanic, it’s one of the unique indie-titles that have been announced that really grasped my attention.
Contrast is at its heart a 2D and 3D puzzle-platformer but set in a 1920s vaudevillian, film noir backdrop. The game is “full of cabaret, illusion and performance” according to the developers adn everything we’ve seen about the game confirms that proposal. Players will assume the role of Dawn, the imaginary friend of a little girl named Didi, and you have the power to shift from the 3D world into a 2D shadowscape, by becoming your shadow.

Didi’s family isn’t perfect and her mother is a cabaret singer focused on her career, her father isn’t around any more.  As her imaginary best friend, you must use your shadow shifting abilities to solve complex puzzles, in order to help Didi investigate the secrets that lie behind her troubled family, all while exploring brilliantly imagined sets and terrifically voiced characters.
Contrast is set to release Q4 2013 for the PS Vita

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