There will actually be music on MTV, VH1 and CMT for the Fourth of July

This may come as a shock to our younger readers but music-television actually ment music on your television at one point. Now the three largest networks will be hosting an all-day music affair to help you celebrate.
The three networks are calling the event “Music Independence Day,” and if you are throwing a party it can be something you leave on in the background to drown out those awkward silences. It will be a refreshing change from the teen-pregnancies, awkward social-dramas and ‘redneck’ obstacle courses that are usually on the stations.
The segments will feature blocks of music genres and it won’t just be music videos, there will also be performances and events shown at different times. The schedule will work like a themed playlist, CMT for example will have a “barbecue playlist” with artists like Carrie Underwood or Luke Bryan. Then there will be artist like Taylor Swift that we think will be shown on all three.
It’s a nice touch but the real reason to have such an event is the same reason radio-stations play Christmas music on December 25th (no one is listening and no one is working). The fourth of July is one of the least-impressive days for television in the entire calendar, but if for some reason you are one of the few watching TV then hit up the three stations above to get your fill of music before it’s gone.

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