In what has to be only great press for Ouya, and terrible press for the owners of E3 (The Entertainment Software Association,) it is being reported that the police were called in to shut down an Ouya stand operating in the Los Angeles sunshine.
IGN was one of the first to report the incident which happened right outside the convention where almost the entirety of gaming press are gathered tonight. Ouya did not officially attend E3, which means it did not have to pay any of the fees and entry costs that a company must submit to in order to be on display during the event. That being said, Ouya is operating a stand across the street in a parking lot, not exactly a threat the E3 conference in any real form.
The actual Los Angeles Police Department had to arrive on the scene to settle the matter. It was Julie Uhrman, the founder of the Ouya console, who told IGN that this is just another failed attempt by the ESA to strong-arm them into compliance with other consoles and the E3 gathering.
Apparently at 9am this morning, the ESA even went as far as to block the very sight of Ouya in the parking lot, by parking trucks in the very parking lot that Ouya was set up. It was at this time that advertising was put on those trucks by Ouya, then the police arrived. Well Ouya had permits to stay in their lot, and the police left.
On a personal note, if this is all true, then I want to say before this event I had already felt that E3 was going by the wayside. Now there is a clear and almost certain reason to think the company running the organization is grasping at straws to stay relevant in an internet-streaming society.
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