Tim Burton picks up Kristen Ritter for Big Eyes

The cast of Tim Burton’s next film is shaping up nicely, the project already has Christoph Waltz and the delightful Amy Adams onboard.
Kristen-Ritter-InsertTim Burton is set to direct the film based on Margaret and Walter Keane, a married couple who became famous for their paintings of large-eyed children in the ’50s and ’60s. Most of the cast has already been determined, Amy Adams is to play the housewife and creator of the paintings and her husband will be played by Waltz.
The story of the paintings is centered around forgery, the wife created the images but eventually the husband started taking credit for them. With the help of DeeAnn (Ritter) the housewife starts to take back her due credit and begins pushing her own career without the help of her husband. Scott Alexander and Larry Karaszewski have written the script and The Weinstein Company will take care of the financing.

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