Tech is the leading gift for Father’s Day this year, our picks for the creative dad

Father’s Day can be the perfect time to update your dad’s tech arsenal. If you father is anything like mine, buying the most efficient, or the latest tech, usually gives way to what is “familiar”. Now is the time to indulge him and get him caught up with the rest of the world while also making his life easier.
Genius-PenSketch-M912A-1The Secret Artist: Top Pick My father is a Pediatrician, but many are surprised to learn that he has a remarkable talent for drawing and loves to sketch at any chance he gets (though that isn’t very often I’m afraid). A graphic tablet is something that he never would buy himself, but it’s something that I know he would enjoy after the initial shock of using a new tech-tool wears off.
PenSketch M912A: Available at Best Buy
Graphic tablets are one of the best gifts you can buy anyone with a creative edge, but the idea of using one could be very intimidating (but it isn’t thanks to amazing software and intuitive designs). Our favorite is the PenSketch M912A from Genius. It’s one of the few tablets on the market that is designed to work with both Windows or Mac (a must if you ever switch between platforms) and it has gigantic workspace, 9” x 12” working area and comes with everything you need and more, to hit the ground running.
The extra perks of this graphic tablet as a gift is that it comes with the latest version of Adobe Photoshop Elements software so you can edit photos and create digital artwork. There is also Corel Painter Essentials 4, an even easier to use art-studio software package, to get you started with an easier user-interface. The “PenSign” allows users to add a digital signature conveniently in Microsoft Office or Word, Excel or PowerPoint and you can sign documents, or write in your natural handwriting instead of printing and scanning.
The Ghost Writer: Word processing software is everywhere and comes standard on any computer. Most of the time though, I’ve noticed the older people get, the less likely they are to spend money updating their software (even if it would save them countless headaches and support calls).
Microsoft Office 365 Suite: Available online at Microsoft Store
In that spirit a subscription to something as easily managed and robust as Microsoft Office 365, could be one of the best gifts they receive. There are many different options when buying a subscription to Office 365, and the best part is, if you buy the software, your Father’s day recipient can install it on other platforms (including tablets, phones and other computers). It’s the gift you can use anywhere inspiration strikes (both work and play).

The Shutterbug: You Father may already have a camera that he would never depart with but that doesn’t mean that his digital photos and editing time can’t be greatly improved. Being a dad means recording the life of everyone around you, and Adobe’s new Lightroom 5 is arguably the best photo-editing software on the market today.
Lightroom 5: Available at Adobe Online
East to use but everyone should know mastering the Abobe Platform is a lifelong ambition. Regardless of your skill level the tools that are provided in Lightroom 5 make it one of the best gifts you can buy for a picture-taking father. Adobe recently upgraded Lightroom to Lightroom 5 and not only will the software give the user almost unlimited ability in editing photos, but it also helps organize, optimize, publish and store images all across the web and into the cloud.
The Critic: It can be movies or television, your father (like mine) has his favorites and hates everything else on television. Now that tablets, phones and laptops are so commonplace is your father taking advantage of all the cinema and television the planet has to offer?
Hulu+ or Amazon Prime or Netflix
Some people simply will not pay for Hulu+ or Netflix or Amazon Prime (they don’t “need” it) but that doesn’t mean they wouldn’t love it. Buying something that someone would enjoy but wouldn’t normally buy for themselves are the best gifts in my opinion.
If you are going for television fans then Hulu+ is the way to go, Plus users are introduced to large back catalog of episodes that normal users simply can not watch. When it comes to movies, Netflix has the largest collection, and more of a choice when it comes to picking out films. Amazon Prime is needed to watch Amazon Instant but that comes with a whole host of other features that the other two services can’t match (like free two day shipping from Amazon on all Amazon Prime items, which is almost everything in the store).
photo credit: quinn.anya

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