Bungie already has so much to be proud of it’s that it is startling to think of. The developers have amassed more awards than most developers could ever hope for, and the Halo franchise will echo in the halls of their ancestors forever.
At the PS4 event DURING E3, one of the last groups to hit the stage was Bungie and their new title ‘Destiny’. The trailer that you see above is the first gameplay footage that has been shown from the game since it was announced. The live-demo does a great job of showing of the simpler dynamics of the game, graphics, weapons, characters, a few classes and general FPS gameplay.
Destiny already has the industry talking, not just because Bungie is developing the game (thought that does help but the scale of the game seems immense. We know that Destiny will launch for Sony’s console in 2014, and Sony always states that the two company’s are in this “long-time exclusive partnership” with Bungie and Activision but Sony never clarifies what that means exactly. Sometimes we think Sony likes them more than they like Sony, and the Prom is going to be really awkward.