Sony’s secret weapon for the PS4 is that it isn’t an Xbox One

If you were to ask me six months ago what I thought the determining factor would be for the next genreration of games, I would have told you hardware and launch titles. Now, a few hours after E3 2013, I can tell you it’s used games.
It seemed all Sony had to do to win over the audience (the audience that will be writing about every game coming out from now until December) was to tell them how unlike the PS4 was when compared to an Xbox One. The PS4 will play used games, it’s so simple. Not only will it play used games, it won’t care who you sell your games to, or when you sell your games, or even if you can’t play online. There will be no restrictions or authentication in the PS4.

When you buy a PS4 disc, you own it, entirely, without a single disclaimer to say otherwise. That goes against everything that Microsoft allowed to happen to the Xbox One with their Xbox One 24-hour offline gaming window and their used-game policy. The PS4 is fully playable offline, a feature that 20 years ago was standard (we had no online) but now it could have won over thousands of gamers.

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