inFamous Second Son E3 2013 Trailer is all about the protagonist

Sucker Punch Productions has had inFamous Second Son on the back-burner for a while now, waiting for the big Sony PS4 reveal so they could take the curtain off their next big title.
Now that Sony has finally unveiled the PS4 and all of its new exciting features, Sucker Punch released the E3 trailer for the game. The video really focuses on introducing Delsin Rowe and his older brother, Reggie. You may recognize Reggie’s voice as the character is played by Travis Willingham, Delsin is played by Troy Baker. In the video you will catch quick glimpses of Delsin and Reggie’s dynamic and how they work together as a team. You will also see the incredible new powers that Sucker Punch has created for the game.
The developers talked about how they used “real-time reflections on the water” and new “amazing effects for Delsin’s smoke powers,” both of which you can watch in the video above

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