The Xbox One E3 event was met with a lot of cheers and a lot of great gameplay. All of those reveals, trailers, screenshots and speakers are really there for one thing, to help drive sales.
So how well did Microsoft show off the Xbox One and the new lineup of games that it will be releasing in 2013? Apparently very well, the tem behing the Amazon Video Game promotion center were on Twitter discussing today’s events and sharing information when games became available (with colorful commentary at times). Earlier this evening the team stated, “What a day! Unbelievable demand for #XboxOne. In the first 6 hours of pre-order availability, we’ve sold through most of our inventory”. Though they didn’t exactly name how much of an inventory they had on hand for the E3 debut of the console, one would imagine running out would be the last thing Amazon would want to do.
The Xbox One is sure to be on the top of almost everyone’s wish-list this year, that is if you are not buying a PS4. The new Xbox One is still available for pre-order as the night continues, and it is even part of Amazon’s Prime shipping options.
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