One of the quieter hits of E3 2013 was a new game for the Xbox One called ‘Crimson Dragon’. We say quieter because a technical problem causes the trailer to play without sound and because of time they did not fix it, or replay it. We think they should have shown it again at the end.
That aside, the game will be directed by Panzer Dragoon-creator, Yukio Futatsugi. The game seems more of an arcade-style title aimed at maybe a more casual audience but still a unique concept and we have to give it points for at least trying something new. It seems that players will choose their dragon mounts, we are assuming you win, or collect them, and battle against others in the sky.
Remember Lair on the PS3? It is nothing like that, don’t ever say that about a game again.
The trailer did not give a release date but it will be an Xbox One exclusive when it eventually launches.