EA confirms Mirror’s Edge 2 on Frostbite 3

Although it had been rumored for quite a while now, EA and DICE have finally confirmed that there will be a sequel to the cult-classic ‘Mirror’s Edge’.
It may be hard to fathom, but the original Mirror’s Edge title was released almost 5 years ago in 2008. At the time it was released for Xbox 360 and PS3 but it did eventually find its way to the PC. Ever since then, loyal fans have taken every opportunity to tell EA that they would like a sequel to the game, and now it seems that EA has finally conceded. The two company’s that announced the game are not shy about telling fans to wait for it though, DICE and EA said the game would be ready, “when it’s ready,” but did confirm that the new game will run on Frostbite 3.
More information on the game will be released as we get closer to a release date after the holiday season.

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